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Preventive Care in San Diego

If you’ve ever had a toothache of you have suffered with the effects of gum disease, you can understand just how important preventive care is. At Integrity Dental, we believe that there is nothing that is more important than putting a stop to tooth decay and irritation, inflammation, and infection of your gums. It’s much easier and more efficient to avoid them than to treat them after the fact.

If you don’t brush your teeth at least twice per day and floss at bedtime each evening, your oral well-being could be in serious jeopardy by the time you get to our San Diego dental office for your twice-yearly examination and cleaning. Likewise, all the at-home oral hygiene in the world cannot make up for not showing up for your six month visit. Each aspect of preventive care is crucial and they both must be adhered to. Like we mentioned, two times per day is the minimum for brushing your teeth; when you awaken and before you go to bed at night. It’s better if you also do so after meals. Frequent rinsing away of invisible, sticky dental plaque means it less opportunity to erode your tooth structure and to wreak havoc on your gums. But tartar buildup accumulates from plaque that is left behind, having hidden out of reach of your toothbrush and dental floss. Tartar is a harder and crusty form of plaque. Its effects are the same as the filmy version. A professional teeth cleaning at our San Diego dental office (or two) is sure to eradicate your tartar, and put you back on the road to optimal health. Even early stage gum disease is reversed by a cleaning, which prevents more severe and consequential symptoms from arising.

Our San Diego dental office looks forward to seeing you and being an essential part of your preventive care. Contact us to set up an appointment.

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